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No artificial flavors, just pure ingredients for pure joy. Our treats are designed to keep your dog healthy and excited every day

Argos dog treats

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we use
high-quality raw material
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our products are
completely natural without any additives
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our private manufacturing and packaging facilities ensure
optimal quality control
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we love
dogs and respect their owners, you!

Natural Dog Treats

100% natural dried treats that support your dog’s health and well-being
Rabbit ears without fur
Rabbit ear without fur trasparent
Rabbit ears without fur

Natural and tasty, but also light and highly digestible! Dogs will love this Argos treat due to its combination of chewing enjoyment and neutral smell. They are suitable for all breeds and also ideal for dogs with food intolerance, as they are easy to digest and high in protein. Completely natural and easy to chew, they are the best choice for a reward treat or a snack between meals.

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Rabbit ears without fur
Rabbit ear with fur trasparent
Rabbit ears with fur

A snack that perfectly balances between your dog's primal instincts and the low-fat, balanced diet it requires. Completely natural, free of artificial additives & cereals, they are suitable for all dogs and offer the pleasure of a tasty prey in the form of a dried chew treat. As a natural source of nutrients and fiber, they enhance your dog's digestive function while supporting healthy fur and bones.

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The Company

The Argos company arises from the love of its founders for dogs, as well as their desire to offer our four-legged friends the most natural, healthy and delicious dried treats. The company is active in the natural dog food industry, having as a competitive advantage the procurement of quality-tested raw material and the ability of immediate dehydration, in order to preserve both the nutrients and the natural taste of the food.

Our staff is well-trained, passionate and committed to the production of quality natural dog treats. We meticulously select tomorrow's reward treat for your dog and carefully package it in order to guarantee proper preservation until the moment your beloved companion gets to enjoy it!

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